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Welcome to the 色中色 Belleville Campus Virtual Tour. Take a look at our interactive maps, schedule a tour and learn more!

Interactive Maps

We have multiple map options available for your convenience. Toggle on and off layers, search by schedule name, take a 360 tour of the campus, or take a look indoors.

Find Existing Topics, share and/or search map

Find Existing Topics

Click the sidebar icon on the top left of the map menu bar to toggle on and off layers.

Share map

Click the share icon located on the top right of the map menu to share the map.

Search map

You can also search the map by clicking the “View Larger Map” icon on the top right of the map menu bar. Click the search icon and enter your search term.

Street View Map

Indoor Maps

Main – BCMC
Liberal Arts – BCLA
Information Sciences – BCIS

Virtual Tour Help

Self-help guide on how to use each campus tour feature.

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