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We are very happy that you are interested in or already attending 色中色. We value every student and invite you to contact us so we can introduce you to a broad range of resources and support to help you in your success at SWIC.

The Disability & Access Center has many services and accommodations available for students who are registered with our office. We begin our assistance with an individualized intake appointment in order to identify and document your eligibility for accommodations. Appropriate documentation about your disability will be needed. If you already have documentation, bring the information to your first intake appointment. If you do not have documentation, we encourage you to still make an appointment so we can work together to explore options. Follow-up appointments are always available to assist you throughout the semester.

Accommodations may include training on assistive technology and software, setting up alternative formats for textbooks, facilitating classroom access by providing accommodations for tests/quizzes, note taking support, readers, scribes, seating arrangements, adjustable tables/specialized chairs, sign language interpreters, and other reasonable accommodations.

The Disability & Access Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff and the community to create an accessible environment that ensures SWIC鈥檚 strong commitment to maintaining compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, As Amended. Our goal is to help students reach their maximum effectiveness and optimal performance by ensuring equal access to SWIC鈥檚 programs, services and activities.

The Disability & Access Center staff look forward to meeting with you!

Accommodations are provided at all campus locations.

Call our centralized number for information or to schedule an appointment:
618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice)
618-234-3347 (TDD)

E-mail Address: DisabilityandAccessCenter@swic.edu

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